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Oxford University

24th May | Acrylic Display Cases

Younique Make Up Acrylic Display CaseYounique are an American-Founded company, who had their first UK Event in May 2016 at The Telford International Centre and required. We were asked at very short notice to manufacture 16 acrylic display cabinet hire pieces for the event with security being the prime concern, due to the fact the cabinets were going to be left unattended. Younique also asked us to apply their logos to each of the plinths on all 4 sides, to finish of their presentation.

The dimensions of this plinth are 40cm x 40cm x 100cm and it has a rebated top, this is depth of 18mm, this enables, which you can see in the picture, a small screw going through the acrylic case and into the rebate, which secures the case to the plinth. This is not only discreet but also offer the client some form of security with their products. We do offer these types of plinth without the security screw however the plinth rebate varies slightly as the rebate is only 12mm.

Acrylic Risers For Make UpAcrylic Display Cabinet Hire includes: a 40cm 5 sided hood, the plinth with a rebated top and the security screws.  The plinths and the acrylic case are available to hire for other similar events should you wish to hire them. Without the option of the door it does offer very clean clinical lines without locks or hinges and creates a static display as opposed to a working display cube where access is required frequently. Youniques remit was that they wanted exactly that, an ‘exhibition plinth that would enable their products to be displayed elegantly and professionally’.

Inside the acrylic case were acrylic risers, a new product for us at Exhibition Plinths which we made for this customer. We now have available 3 sizes of acrylic risers for hire should you wish to have your displayed make up or products on three different levels.


Acrylic Display Cabinet Hire

Acrylic Display Cabinet Hire Exhibition Plinths






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