Acrylic Plinths and Light Cubes

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Are you looking for an opal acrylic display plinth which due to its’ semi-transparent nature can have lighting shone through it?

acrylic display cabinets

If you are looking for acrylic display cases instead of plinths please click here

Opal Acrylic is a fantastic material to use when placing LED lights inside, to create a powerful visual effect in darker environments such as bars, nightclubs and outdoor evening events.

The acrylic plinths (or tables, podiums, whichever you would like to use them as) can be left as simply acrylic, as shown in the picture, or they can have vinyl graphics placed on them.

The image below illustrates how cutting out letters from a blackout vinyl will make written information stand out and be easily read by your customers.

Opal Acrylic light box

Technical Information

Our Acrylic Plinths are made from high quality 5mm opal light box grade acrylic. We machine cut the acrylic on our CNC router for precision accuracy, to give you the best possible finish we like to mitre our acrylic plinths, this is where each piece is machined with a 45 degree angle on the edge, giving a seamless look once all the parts are glued together.

With our opal acrylic plinths we like to solvent weld the mitres to create the strongest possible joint.  This can sometimes be necessary when joining clear acrylic, depending on the size of the plinth. But if possible we try and UV Bond clear acrylic as it gives a clearer joint than solvent welding.

Applying Vinyls to Acrylic Plinths

We have our own in house vinyl printer and cutting machinery, this allows us to apply the very best in vinyl graphics to your acrylic plinths. Printed vinyl using the latest in Eco solvent ink technology or cut from solid colour vinyls here at exhibition plinths we take care of everything for you, so when you get your acrylic plinths they can have your logo applied ready to work.

Where Are The Acrylic Plinths Prices?

All lit acrylic plinths are bespoke made to order, so we request that you call us to describe what it is you would like so that we can make a quotation based on your information. Alternatively there is a contact form where you can fill in your details to get started.

We will give you several options depending on various factors, including how long you need the plinths to be lit for and whether you need mains or battery powered lighting, we can supply standard white lighting from 3500K -6000K or RGB lighting that can be controlled by a DMX controller or by remote control.

What Is The Lead Time?

We estimate that if you have the artwork ready, the lead time for making your items should be approximately 1 week. Without artwork we estimate one week of planning time followed by a week for manufacture.

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