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Bespoke Manufacture

Around 50% of the work we manufacture here at Exhibition Plinths is bespoke manufacture.

A lot of clients have seen cabinets in 3D Render which they would like to replicate, or they have an idea which needs nurturing from scratch.

Predominantly, we use 3 main materials: MDF, Glass and Acrylic; with lighting in order to bring together the final end product. With CNC Technology, an in-house large-format printer and spray booth means we can manufacture to an incredibly high quality and to your exact specifications.

I have listed below for you some of the bespoke work we have carried out, including images. Some of them will have individual blog posts to go with them if you require further detail.

If you would like to talk to either of us about your bespoke requirements please call us on the number above. Alternatively, if you would like to email us the specifications, or any confidentiality agreements please send them to and either Richard or Janice can pick them up and come back to you.

Bespoke Glass Display Cabinet For A Sword

This glass display cabinet was designed around the sword, given to us by the client. It was to be mounted vertically and required lighting by mains power, and discreet door hinges. The entire cabinet had to be wall mountable.

Sword Glass Display Cabinet
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Bespoke Manufacture Plinths For Engine Parts

These plinths were made to hold vertically displayed engine parts. Using clear acrylic to hold the engine parts in place, this jubilee clip manufacturer can demonstrate them to their clients in the show room.

Engine Parts
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Bespoke Manufacture Glass Cabinets For Model Ships

These 1.3m long glass cabinets manufactured for a model ship to be displayed inside a new reception area in London.
The ships are fixed to the plinths and the glass then securely mounted on top.


Bespoke Manufacture Plinths For Taps

These bespoke plinths have a removable top piece within the plinth (the white piece is removable). This means that the client can have different taps on show in different parts of the showroom. The taps can be removed and replaced without having to replace the entire plinth.

Plinths For Taps

Bespoke Manufacture and Alcohol Display Shop Fit at Courvoisier

The Courvoisier Retail Store in Jarnac, France was re-fitted with black gloss plinths and acrylic cases. The alcohol display blocks and magnetised acrylic information blocks were all made in-house and the information printed to be placed on the back of the acrylic and beside each bottle.

Courvoisier_Exhibition_Plinths_Black_Gloss Magnetec Acrylic Display

Can I Have Bespoke Colours?

You may have any colour that you wish to match to your branding. We use car spray paint, which can be matched to a Dulux colour code, a RAL colour or a pantone.

Some customers will send their logo and ask us to extract the relevant colour from the logo to have the plinths matched to.

What Sizes and Shapes Are Available?

Sizes from 100mm are available, the largest we have manufactured and sprayed to date have been 3metres. In terms of different shapes, our oval plinth and iPad plinth which are now in standard stock began as a bespoke enquiry.

We have manufactured Do-nut Shape Plinths, Round Plinths, Plinths which lean to one side, and we are more than happy to hear your bespoke idea to find a solution for you.

Some of our Happy Customers

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