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19th Jun | Acrylic Cases

In the foyer of Birmingham Dental Hospital there is a new exhibition called “Open Wide” on display and we were very happy to make their Acrylic Display Cases.

acrylic display cases

The Display Plinths

The black plinths are 70cm wide, 50cm deep and 80cm high, spray finished in satin black.

The plinths then have a rebate on them which is 18mm high, this is the piece inside the cabinet which looks slightly raised. This means the acrylic cabinet can be sat on the plinth with ease and that the edges sit flush to the sides.

The rebate in the plinth also means that the acrylic cases can be screwed to the plinths so that they cannot be removed.

If you have black plinths with rebates, we always make sure the screws are painted to the same colour as the plinth so that they do not stand out when people come to view the exhibition.

acrylic display cases

The Acrylic Display Cases

The acrylic display cases are 70cm wide, 50cm deep and 30cm high. Made From 5mm Acrylic and Solvent Welded together. We strongly advise solvent welding as a method of joining acrylic compared to UV Bonding. In particular, to areas where the cabinets may be moved around a lot, or in areas of heavy footfall.

The cases also have battery powered lighting. The LED lights last for 50 hours, so will last one week in the dental school being switched on. They can then be charged at the weekend.

The exhibits are sat on faux suede bases. We can make these for you if you can specify the fabric you require. Black and white faux leather, and faux suede is the most popular. They are simply pieces of 3mm MDF which we spray glue the fabric onto, and placed in the bottom of the cabinet.

Inside The Cabinets

Inside the cabinets are teeth which have been grown from bacteria. Also a necklace made from teeth, and the large teeth made to demonstrate to the dental students tooth anatomy.

If you would like more information on the Open Wide Exhibition, contact Birmingham Dental School / Teaching Hospital.

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