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Looking for Beautifully Designed, Professionally Manufactured Display Cabinets in the UK?

Display Cabinets UK

If you are looking for Display Cabinets in the UK, we have a lovely selection which fits most requirements. For customers that need the sizes amending we operate an in-house manufacturing facility, which means we can make the cabinets to whichever sizes you require.


Standard Display Cabinets

The standard glass display cabinets are as shown in this image, a 50cm cube cabinet (featured left) a 40cm cube cabinet (featured central) and a 100cm log display cabinet (featured right).

All cabinets have lockable glass doors at the back with minimalist hinges and polished chrome locks.

Additional options for the cabinets are opening rear doors. This means that the cabinet can be used for storage as well as the pieces on display in the glass.


Display Cabinet Hire

If you are hiring these cabinets, they come with doors as shown, and battery powered lighting included. If you are purchasing each piece is an add-on to the basic plinth. Adding doors and shelves, wheels for moving, graphics and logos are the most common bespoking elements requested.

Moving The Cabinets

In terms of moving the cabinets around, we move them a lot particularly the hire stock. Whilst with a sack truck they will move with great ease, due to the glass being safety glass if they are knocked together the glass can shatter.

This is one factor to consider if you require a display cabinet which is more than 100cm in any one dimension. The weight and therefore how easy it is to manoeuvre. If you are having the cases put in one place and being left in situ, it’s not something which needs much consideration. If you are moving them around a lot then it is something we should discuss.

Packaging and Protecting

If you are moving your cabinets to many exhibitions per year, you may want to consider how they are packaged. The cases will need to be protected in transport.

Cardboard boxes can be made to fit the plinths and cases. Using polystyrene corners, cardboard packaging and cling wrap to hold it all together you can make a good protective layer.

Cabinets as standard don’t come with packaging as usually we are delivering to one place and collecting from the same place which means it is not required. If you do require packaging please let us know when you call for a quotation.

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