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21st Jul | Glass Display Cabinet Hire

Dunkirk Film Premiere on July 21st in Central London had glass cabinets on display to display memorabilia for the film.

All glass cabinets for hire are delivered by our team of experts, put in place for you at the event.

The glass display cabinets are lockable and as the lighting is battery powered the cabinets can be placed anywhere without the need for power cables and plug sockets.

Visitors can walk all the way around the cabinets and see the objects being displayed inside them.

The cabinets also have lockable storage in the base which means you can leave items in the base units and they will be perfectly safe.

Plinth with internal storage

The glass display cabinet hire range are shown in this picture above. The 50cm cabinet is shown left, the 40cm cabinet in the centre and the 100cm cabinet on the right hand side.

All cabinets have lockable doors in the base so that all cabinets have storage.

At the back of the cabinet you can see the battery (in black) in a small acrylic holder. This is the battery pack which holds 55 hours of charge and can be re-charged via USB.

Each event where we hire cabinets have slightly different requirements and we make sure we know these at the enquiry stage. If we know how long your event is going to last and how many batteries you need, including who is going to be on site during the show, we can determine whether you need extra batteries or a charger providing.


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