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5th May | Plinths

Collapsible Plinth Exhibition PlinthsSomething our customers have been asking us for, for many years, is the flat pack plinth.

It’s taken us 4 years to be able to find something which we can manufacture which keeps in line with our current high-end spray finished range and that is sturdy enough that we can guarantee it will serve you well. We have been asked for a flat pack plinth, many hundreds of times over our 7 years with this business. Finally we have something to offer you!

The requirements for the flat pack plinth were definitely that they could be assembled with no tools. Nobody carries a spanner in their pockets, nor an allen key or a hammer, so we had to find something that could be done by hand.

If you want to buy your flat pack plinth online you can click this link here. 

Sizes Available

The flat pack plinths are available in 50cm square tops (50cm x 50cm) and at heights of 80cm, 90cm, 100cm and 110cm.

They are assembled with just 4 bolts and they are very easy to put up and take down.

Another added bonus, compared to our standard exhibition plinth range, is that it’s possible to deliver them by pallet and they don’t have to be delivered by us. Many of our customers know that the glass cabinets and plinths we produce already are not handled well by couriers so we use our own delivery service.

Bespoke Service

As I write in every blog post and every product description, everything is made in house! Therefore, the dimensions you require are all possible, the only thing affected is the lead time. Listed above are the standard sizes, but any size is available. The thickness of the panels will stay at 10cm. Depending on the weight being displayed on the plinths we may have to advise reinforcing with some strips from inside.

Bespoke colours are made to order by our paint supplier at a one off fee. They can be matched from Dulux, RAL or Pantone colours. If you are having the plinths as a desk in your home, we do stock the Farrow and Ball paint matching kit as well however it does appear slightly different in the spray tone compared to the emulsion version.

Having a bespoke made plinth means you can choose:

  • The Size
  • The Colour
  • The Finish
  • Graphics & Vinyl Wrap
  • Reinforcements For Weight

Adding Display Cases and Lighting 

The flat pack plinths do have the option to be able to add a display cabinet on the top from glass or acrylic, but first there are a few things you must decide first about the practicality of them. As a company we want you to have a nice experience with our products therefore the collapsible cabinets need to be thought through a lot more deeply than the plinths which are very straightforward. 

1.  Acrylic is lightweight, but scratches very easily. If you are lifting the case on and off a plinth, then it is likely to get scratched easily. This means we need to make sure you have a protective box for it.

2.  The cabinet lighting and electrics will need to be assembled at each event.

3.  Glass is heavier than acrylic by quite a considerable amount.  Our 100cm long glass cabinet is 35kg on it’s own without the plinth. It is therefore essential that whoever is going to be putting the cabinets together has the strength and space and someone to assist, to be able to do so.

4.  How do you wish to transport the cabinets, is it by courier, or with your staff who attend exhibitions. Either way, you will need to know how the companies or individuals aim to handle the cabinets. As mentioned earlier, the plinths are easy to carry, the cabinets are a whole different story! We know this from many years of experience with our 2 vans on the road delivering and collecting all over the country.

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