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Flowers in potsStandard Florist Exhibition Plinths

Plinths are a great way to display flowers at different heights in a retail or exhibition environment. Our Exhibition Plinths are able to be purchased or hired. We are able to use a newly launched material which means the plinths will not be damaged by water – they are entirely waterproof. The plinths will hold up to 100kgs so you can be assured even the largest of flower displays will be held securely and safely on the plinths.

If you wish to have custom made plinths you can request any size you desire. We have the option available to have your exhibition space or retail environment designed on our 3D software so that you can view what the plinths will look like in the environment before they arrive. This also helps our customers decide on what size they would like based on the image(s) provided.

Florist_Plinths_By_ExhibitionPlinths._co._ukBespoke Florist Exhibition Plinths

If you have a bespoke idea of your flower display then we would be more than happy to hear from you. These plinths were designed by the client and sent to us to be 3D Drawn in detail, before being asked to make them for the client. We have previously made bespoke O-Shaped Exhibition Plinths and C Shaped Exhibition Plinths for Florist Vivianne Leon to display her arrangements in London. We are able to add logos and branding to the plinths should you require it for events or for retail display purposes.

Coloured Florist Plinths

We are able to spray finish your plinths in a wide range of colours. If you are able to provide us wth a Dulux colour code that we can match in our spray paint this is the best method of colour matching.

Florist PlinthsAcrylic Plinths

Clear acrylic can be used for flower display, with a UV bonded edge it creates an incredibly strong structure and similarly to spray finished MDF will not become distorted if it comes into contact with water, these are simply wipe-clean.

Our clear acrylic UV bonded acrylic plinths were used by Philippa Craddock a leading UK Florist. Opal acrylic plinths can be internally lit with battery powered LED lighting. This will give a brilliant effect for evening events or retail spaces where the lighting level is low.

If you would like a quotation for your plinth purchase or hire we would be more than happy to hear from you via telephone or our contact form.

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