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Jewellery Display Cabinets

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Jewellery Brand Launch Events are popular with clients for the Hire of Glass Display Cabinets.

Most Jewellery Launches are one evening events but others last several weeks.

An all-glass cabinet, with no aluminum frames or unsightly joins, the UV bonded glass-to-glass mean that these cabinets are perfect for showcasing jewellery.

The doors on the glass cabinet are lockable and there is also a door in the plinth which enables you to store stock or personal belongings inside the showcases whilst you are at the event.

LED, battery powered lighting is included as standard with the hire of glass cabinets. Depending on the length of your event we will make sure that the batteries provided are of an appropriate size.

Jewellery Launch Events happen in many different locations. We have supplied to events in The Dorchester, Stratstone Ferrari, Hilton and Raddison Hotels, The Ritz and more.

Jewellery Display Cabinets

Jewellery Display Cabinets At A Car Showroom, Central London

Jewellery Display Cabinets lighting is powered by batteries which are stored inside the plinth. The Fixings which are visible are all polished chrome.

The spectrum of the lighting is 3000K. If you wish to have a different spectrum lighting please discuss with us and we can supply bulbs in the spectrum you require.

If you are organising your event from overseas, we are more than happy to liase with your venue to decide on the delivery and setup on your behalf.

We work closely with an events team who provide a crew for setting up cabinets, if you are hiring more than 15 cabinets at one time we will recommend the hire of a crew to help setup and clean cabinets.

The Benefits Of Hiring Jewellery Display Cabinets

Glass Cabinets with Glass Doors

Rear View Of Glass Display Cabinet

Hiring Jewellery Display Cabinets saves the hassle of storage and logistics in moving your cabinets to various events in the future.

If you have many events where you wish to purchase the cabinets and use our storage and delivery service this is an option also available to you.

By speaking to one of our team you can inform them of your needs and they will find the best option for you.

You can call Ellie or Kirsten on 01934 708 717 to discuss your needs and to request a quotation.

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