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1st Apr | Glass Display

Lockable Glass Display Cabinets ExhibitionPlinths.co.uk

Glass Display Cabinets (in all sizes) have lockable rear doors to keep your items secure.

Hire Lockable Glass Display Cabinets

In our range of hire for lockable glass display cabinets, we have 3 sizes available. All three from the 40cm, 50cm and 100cm glass cases are lockable to ensure maximum security at your event.

We are asked occasionally “Is it possible to lift the glass cabinet from the plinth?” when items are being left unattended in an exhibition. The cabinet cannot be lifted from the plinth, it is held together by the light stalks, which go through the cabinet, through the plinth and are bolted together.

The plinths below the cabinets also have doors in the back. This is standard with hire cabinets, that they will have doors in the back.

These are lockable too, so that you can store your stock or personal belongings in them during events.

Batteries and wires for the lighting are inside the plinth, and only take up a small amount of space inside.

Purchase Of Lockable Glass Display Cabinets

When purchasing glass cabinets, the glass remains the same as in the image to the right.

Doors and shelving are optional extras within the quotation and are not provided as standard with purchases.

Lead time for purchase can be up to 21 days however we do hold a certain amount of stock. We encourage you to enquire about stock levels early so that we can be sure to have in, what it is you require.

For enquiries, call us now on 01934 708 717. We are more than happy to answer any questions you have.





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