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Acrylic Display from

Acrylic is a great lightweight material which is easily transportable between exhibitions and can be used in a variety of exhibitions and trade shows.

As standard, lockable acrylic display cases from are 6 sided cubes which are UV bonded together.

They can be placed on the top of a plinth in two different ways. The first is a slightly inset base which will be used to locate the acrylic case on top of the plinth. If you require it to be secured, then the inset base can be deeper, and the acrylic can be screwed to a rebate on the plinth.

These are questions which we ask you when enquiring about whether you would like the acrylic case fixed to the plinth or not.

If you do not wish to have a door and a 5 sided hood is all that is needed then this can be made, with the option to place over the top or to secure in place.

Some providers of acrylic display cases will solvent weld the acrylic together, which leaves not-so-perfect glue joints. We do not solvent weld acrylic cases due to the fact that there are bubbles and streaks in the joins.  If you are using coloured acrylic, but if you are looking to have an acrylic display case made from clear acrylic it is really necessary to have the parts UV bonded, this is the only way to get a crystal clear jointing method for acrylic.

We can organize for you to have display lighting in the acrylic display cabinet, we have a variety of options available including lighting from the base, or LED and Halogen lighting on stalks.

There is a wide range of display acrylic options in terms of colour, and the plinths can also be internally lit which would make them stand out and look lovely in low-lit retail spaces.

Acrylic Display from

Portable Acrylic Display Cases

Acrylic display cases are portable due to their light weight. They can be easily transported between events.

We do not hire acrylic at present but we are more than happy to provide a quotation to purchase any type of acrylic display system for purchased items.

To the right, the image shows the Puma Shoe Display in Central London with internal lighting and graphics.

We also have a variety of other acrylic display cases in retail includig at Kokku Jewellery and Durham Cathedral in their exhibition space.

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