Model Ship Display Case and Plinth

Oxford University

15th Jun | Glass Showcases

We were approached by Pedretec Europe to change and modernise the model ship plinth. The model ships are on display in the reception area. This is beautiful picture of the ship in real life, from their company website. The model ships were to be displayed in their reception area once the display cases had been renewed.


The Old Display Case

Here is a picture of the display case which the boat came in before we made new ones. The wooden base gives the cases quite a dated look and the company wanted something white and with a more modern appearance. The old case was a table-top plinth with just 6cm wood. The client wanted a free standing plinth so they could be on show in their new reception.



The New Display Cases

The new display case plinth is made from 18mm MDF with a rebate. The glass cabinet was to sit flush to the sides of the case in the new version. The old version had the glass set in a grooved inset in the base.

The new glass cabinet is UV Bonded with all sides fitting together. As you may see in the before picture, the top glass piece was slightly larger than the case. The glass being larger meant there was a lip over the top of the case.

The white plinth is 900mm high and 1350mm long in order to fit in the ships and to fit in with the decoration of the new reception area.

The ships are secured to the plinth using bolts through into the base from the under-side. This ensures that the glass is not able to be lifted off.



2 Responses to Model Ship Display Case and Plinth

  • Chris says:

    We are thinking of having sculpture display plinths. How do you prevent the plinths falling over?

    • Rich says:

      Hi, there are various ways of stopping the plinth fall over, depending on the size of the base in the past we have weighted the bases with internal lead shot or alternatively sand bags. If you would like to discuss further please do get in contact.

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