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Acrylic Display Case Crack The Code Competition

Crack The Code Acrylic Cases are Bespoke Made To Order or Available To Hire

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Crack The Code Acrylic Display Case

This secure, coded acrylic case can be coded to a number of your choice, which is a great way to attract and keep customers on your stand.

These cases have previously been purchase only but we do have 5 cases in our hire range which are 50cm cubes.

The original case was made from a design provided for The SWATCH Group to win watches, and later used by Amazon Web Services to win Kindle Fires.

The idea behind the case, is that products can be placed inside and when a customer guesses the code, they win the item inside. (A laptop, a kindle, a piece of machinery) Alternatively you can print off several code combinations and have them available to either purchase, or pick from a hat. If you make sure that there are only 4 winning codes which can then be filtered in or out of the place where customers choose their tickets from, the winnings can be ‘fixed’ to last the length of time for the exhibition.

This particular case is 200(w) x 200(d) x 300(h)mm if you require a different size then please contact us for a bespoke quotation.

The weight of the case is approximately 2kg and will easily negate onto an exhibition plinth with a rebated top (provided). The case is portable and is able to be fixed to a plinth for security should it be required.






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