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100cm x 100cm x 20cm Low Level Exhibition Display Plinth


Low Level Exhibition Display Plinth 100cm x 100cm x 20cm


Exhibition Plinths have developed the ultimate plinth over the last 6 years, fabricated from Medite Premier MDF that is lock mitred together to create a seamless plinth from 12mm MDF. This low level plinth is just above floor height, at 20cm.
Our products are Spray Finished which gives the finish similar to a cars’ paintwork, and this is included as standard.
Why choose anything but the best exhibition plinths for your next Exhibition? If you need additions to your plinth to make it a perfect fit then please let us know, we are able to make Exterior MDF plinths, Heavy Duty Plinths, ZF formaldehyde free Plinths and plinths made from lightweight MDF board. We are also able to install doors (locking and push), Plinths with adjustable internal shelving, plinths with opal acrylic top plates.We pride ourselves in working with your problems to come up with not only the perfect plinth but the perfect answer to your display needs.
  • Durable finish
  • Rounded edges
  • 12mm Medite Premier MDF
  • Perfect for Exhibitions, museums, galleries, trade shows, retail, TV and flower shops

This plinth in its standard form will easily withstand 100 kg spread across the top of the plinth.

We are also able to add graphics, lighting, cable access points and internal lockable storage with shelving systems.

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Dimensions 100 × 100 × 20 cm


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