5 Sided vs 6 Sided Acrylic Display Cases

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7th Mar | Acrylic Display Cases

Acrylic Display Cases from ExhibitionPlinths.co.uk

Acrylic Display Cases can be either 5 sided or 6 sided, depending on the properties you wish to have on your display.

To the right is an image of a 6 sided case. The properties of the case are:

  • The case has a locking door.
  • The case has an inset base.
  • The case can be screwed to the plinth with the rebate/inset base as seen in the picture.
  • Lighting can be added to the case.
  • Shelving can be added to the case.
  • The case is lightweight and portable.
  • You can have access to the contents during an exhibition, at an event, or in a shop.


Acrylic Display Cases from ExhibitionPlinths.co.uk5 Sided Cases Differ Slightly.

  • 5 Sided Cases have no door and no base.
  • The case can be placed over items to exhibit.
  • There is no access when the items are on display.
  • These are best for displays which are to be left for long periods of time or unattended.
  • Can easily be transported as they are lightweight.


Acrylic Case Benefits

Acrylic Display Cases are a great choice if you wish to have a portable display. The acrylic is lightweight and easily lifted on and off.

It’s also a benefit if the display was for children that the risks of acrylic are less than that of glass.

Turnaround for acrylic cases is approximately 7 days which is much shorter than for example, glass.

For more information on our Acrylic Display Cases, give us a call on 01934 708 717 or send us a message on our online chat system!





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