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27th Nov | Acrylic Cases

Impressions Gallery, Bradford, ordered some acrylic display cases for memorabilia for their exhibition ‘No Man’s Land’. The link to this exhibition can be found here: Women’s Photography Of The First World War.

The acrylic display cases are a 5 sided hood (there is no base) made onto a plinth with a rebated top. A rebate is a slight raise, with 6mm around the edge, so that the acrylic sits on top of the plinth securely and it does not move. It then sits flush to the edge, too.

The cases are 175cm Long, 60cm Deep and 15cm High. The table stands at 75cm high. In terms of assembly you can see from this side shot, that the top and the legs are separate pieces which is helpful for transportation. The legs can easily be screwed on to the top piece, without any tools, it’s just a bolt and a wing nut, which can be tightened by hand.

Acrylic Cabinet

The height of the acrylic cases in the gallery means that it’s comfortable for people to lean over to get a closer look at the memorabilia.

This image shows the whole case and the legs. We recommend to clients that anything over 30kg which is going to be displayed inside, to let us know because we would need to reinforce the top piece of the plinth. If not, it’s likely to bend in the middle and then starts to look strange, especially when the cases are so long. These cases are made bespoke to order, and we can help you with your measurements if you need us to.

With solvent welding the acrylic together (a chemical bond) it’s a well suited manufacturing process of choice in areas with a heavy footfall. The 6mm acrylic is long lasting and hard wearing, as long as it’s cleaned well it should not cloud over time. Heavy chemicals such as glass cleaner or using a kitchen roll type of cleaner will lightly scratch the surface.

If you would like bespoke made acrylic cases, please contact Russell on 01934 708 717 or email with your queries.

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