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8th May | Products

Recently we have started working with the lovely effects of the carbon fibre plinth. It has proved to be an effective way to get items to stand out in trades which lend themselves naturally to this look, particularly the motor trade.  Carbon Fibre has been used in glass display cases for Mercedes UK, a Michael Schumacker Memorabilia Display Case and for Drone Display.

carbon fibre plinthWhen Black Is Not Just Black

The carbon fibre from very far away looks like a black with a special effect. When you get up close, it is alternating squares of a matt and a slightly more gloss black. The gloss black reflects the light and is what makes it look so stunning yet subtle.

How The Carbon Fibre Plinth Is Made

The plinth is made from 12mm MDF, V Groove-Locked together and spray finished. The spray finish provides a very smooth surface on which to provide the vinyl. If the vinyl is applied to a surface which is not smooth for example a hand roller paint finish, the grooved will show up and the light will not reflect evenly from the vinyl.

Close Up Of Carbon Fibre

In this close up picture it looks black and grey with the lighting. If you look at the plinths where it is displayed below you will see it’s 2 shades of black. It’s a little bit raised too, you can feel that it is carbon fibre with the bumps, it’s not a printed smooth surface like it is underneath.

Michael Schumacher Memorabilia Cabinet

In the base of a Michael Schumacher Memorabilia Cabinet the client who kept these items at his home had the base of the cabinet covered in the carbon fibre vinyl. If you want something like black but a little different this is our suggestion.

Order Your Carbon Fibre Sample Or Plinth

Would you like to see the carbon fibre in real life? Call or email us and we can send you a sample in the post. is Russell’s email address, or call us on 01934 708 717. We can send you quotations for the items you need and the carbon fibre wrap.

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