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4th May | Plinths

Vado are a UK Manufacturer of taps, showers and bathroom accessories in Somerset. They ordered eight plinths for displaying taps in their showroom. The customer chose to have a grey and white spray finish. For the front of the plinth company logo, we printed the logo and stuck it to a piece of acrylic.

The Design Phase

Most of our customers prefer to send a technical drawing of the sizes and specifications of what they require to be made. Our sales and technical team are fully capable of be able to interpreting, quoting, and printing work from technical drawings for manufacture. If we think that the design needs a tweak we will get in touch at the start of the process to discuss with you our findings. We find most customers are happy to have a few suggestions if the quality and longevity of the plinths are going to be better with a few minor changes.Tap_Plinth_Mock_Up

As each plinth is freestanding they can be in a variety of positions and locations throughout the showroom.

Tap Plinths In Manufacture

The dark grey part of the plinth is exactly like our regular 5 side plinths. Holes are cut out of the top of the plinth using a router. The white central piece of the plinth is made separately to sit in the grey plinth, which has an inset top. This means you could have 4 plinths, but 16 middle (white) pieces. You can then alternate which taps are on show at your exhibition or trade show.

The white centres of the plinths will easily lift off the plinths if you require. You can remove the centres from the trade show stand overnight without having to remove the whole plinth from the stand. This is sometimes required in the larger shows where theft is a lot more common than in retail shops.

Plinths For Taps

The plinth shown in the photograph below is an example of a customer who had the manufacture carried out based on a technical drawing. The customer wanted a specific diameter of holes and in a specific place.

Plinth For Taps

Displaying Taps

Taps do not have to be mounted onto the plinth they can be removed and swapped over. We are happy to receive your technical specification of your tap mounts.

Plinth for Bathroom Showroom

In terms of taking care of the plinths, they are easy to wipe down with a damp cloth. To remove any scuff marks from customers shoes along the bottom edges you may need to use a sponge.

You can have the plinths built with metal feet on the bottom inside. This issue that in the corners they do not start to split and come apart. Splitting down the edges is a common problem with MDF products which do not have feet.

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