Fire Rated Glass Cabinets For Department Stores

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27th Nov | Glass Display

Glass Cabinets for department stores is the most popular request that we have on the run up to Christmas. Department stores often have more cabinets on a temporary basis for more products to be displayed.

In this blog I will show you the glass display cabinets which were manufactured for Harrods Department Store, London with the technical information.

The plinth is made from 18mm MDF and spray finished in a bespoke colour chosen by Harrods with a RAL code. In the back of the plinth there is a cupboard door with a lock, so that the lighting switch can be hidden and the cupboard can be used for storage of stock. The glass cabinet above was being used to display Beats Headphones by Dr Dre.

The battery powered stalk lighting comes with 2 bulb options: 3,000K or 6,000K. A 3,000K bulb will show off products which are colours such as golds or browns. The silver and white products look better under a 6,000K light. Some clients purchase both bulbs, so that they can change them depending on what stock they have in the cabinet that week. In this cabinet there’s a Jimmy Studio Microphone which is silver and pinks.


A full size view of the cabinet in the store. The cabinet base is made from 18mm MDF, with a lock-mitre joint and it’s coated with a 2 Pac Spray Paint. The footprint of this piece is 50cm x 50cm and the height of the cabinet base is 110cm. On top the glass cabinet is 40cm high. The swing glass doors have minimal fixings and a polished chrome lock. The locks on the cabinets can be individually keyed, or keyed alike.

Standard glass display cabinets are 50cm cubed whereas these cabinets being 40cm high they are a bespoke size. Usually bespoke cabinets have a 14 day turnaround period but in our busiest months of April, October and November this can be a 6 week lead time. Please contact Russell in the office or email with any requests you may have and to get a quote.


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