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Oxford University

27th Nov | Glass Display

In this blog you will see our most popular 50cm Glass Display Cabinets out at events across the UK displaying Rolex watches. The events are private and held at fantastic hotels and home including Hagley Hall and The Shard, London.

Each cabinet stands 160cm tall overall, this being made up of 110cm high bases and 50cm high glass cabinets. It puts the jewellery on eye level and the cabinets are a feature within the room. The cabinets are delivered in our own vans with our own drivers. If there are a lot of cabinets or (as in this case) on the fortieth floor of a building, it’s worth us sending two people in a van and potentially some crew should they be required.

At the back of the plinth is a cupboard door, in this lockable cupboard you can store stock, marketing and promotional materials, or personal belongings during the event. We have found in the past there is not a secure place to store handbags and coats and assigning one plinth to that is what clients usually do.

The glass is 8mm safety glass, which is UV bonded (chemically bonded) together at the edges. The doors are swing doors made with minimalist chrome fixings and the glass cabinet door is lockable too.

The battery powered lighting will last for 40 hours and will be supplied with either 3000K or 6000K bulbs at your request. The 3000K bulbs are better for gold jewellery and the 6000K better for silvers and diamonds. If your event lasts longer than 40 hours, we can supply you either with 2 batteries, or with a charger. All batteries have a digital display so you can see how charged they are.

Plinths can be hired along with glass cabinets if you have flowers or other display items in addition to the cabinets.

To find out more or to book your hire, contact Russell on 01934 708 717 or email We look forward to hearing from you.


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