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30th Jan | Acrylic Cases


Lit acrylic plinths are popular in retail window displays on which mannequins are displayed.

Using between 5mm and 15mm acrylic depending on the dimensions and the weight going on the top, the opal acrylic will be built so that you can safely use the lit displays in the environment you need.

The image taken here is shown in the shop window of H&M.

Standard Lit Acrylic Plinths

  • Opal Acrylic 8mm
  • Mains Powered Lighting
  • _____K Spectrum Lighting
  • Will hold a ____ kg weight.

Vinyl Graphics and Special Effects

Lit_acrylic_mannequin_plinths-exhibition-plinthsThere is an option to create specific looks with acrylic which can either be branding based or just to create a special effect. It’s an option to have semi-transparent patterns such as flowers on the acrylic for the light to shine through, or the company logos on the plinths to be backlit.

We would prefer you to have the artwork for vinyl wrapping of plinths but we can outsource design work to have something designed and 3D rendered for you.

It’s also possible to have black or coloured vinyl lettering which can inform the customer what they are looking at, for example here the acrylic plinths have written ‘The Key Pieces, Spring 2015’ on the front of them.

Vinyl graphics can easily be removed and have alternative lettering placed on them, for example ‘Summer 2015’ when the season changes and we can send you these in the post to do yourself if you wish. Make sure we know you’re going to want to change them and we can use a removable vinyl and advise on how to remove them.

Lead Time

Lit_Acrylic_Retail_Plinths_Exhibition_PlinthsDue to the fact that all acrylic plinth jobs need to have different ideas taken into account, they fall into the ‘bespoke’ product category which means we do not hold standard pricing in the office for these products. Bespoke quotes can take up to 48 hours to research on these items mainly because of the lighting and the electrical research involved.

All lit acrylic plinths are bespoke made to order therefore depending on the schedule of the workshop, the lead time could be between 2 and 6 weeks. As we run a system of a first-come-first-served workshop priority and payments for bespoke items are up front, the lead times are susceptible to change. Please advise us of the date and time you need to complete your project so we can advise in the best way possible.

Please do get in touch, either by telephone 01934 708 717 or email alice in the office, [email protected] and we will get back to you on the same working day.






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