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5th May | Products

If you are looking to display smaller items as a point of sale area on a plinth display set, these mini plinths work really well to separate products from each other.

If you offer products to clients after they have bought something else from you, a service for example, then this is a great way to display small items for example:

  • Hairdressing Products
  • Perfumes and Fragrances
  • Vitamin Supplements
  • Hand Made Cards
  • Dental Supplies
  • Children’s Shoes

The dimensions in the items shown are 13cm square for the display surface. The heights shown are 4cm, 7cm, 10cm and 13cm.

If you order online, these are the sizes that will be sent to you. For any alterations in size you will need to call us, and arrange with us to make you a bespoke order which will take around 2 weeks compared to an immediate dispatch, in stock product.


If you wish to add graphics, images, small stickers of your logo or price tags they can be stuck on the plinths and as they are spray finished they can be peeled off and the glue wiped off easily without damaging the finish. (As long as the vinyl is ‘low-tac or removable!)

Ordering Multiple Plinth Display Sets

If you order multiple sets the delivery price will stay the same.

What Are The Plinths Made From?

All mini plinths are made from 12mm MDF which is V-Grooved and assembled together with a strong glue. The MDF is then sanded, prepared and spray finished for an incredibly smooth finish.

Enquire With Us Or Buy Online

If you need to ask us any questions then please give us a call, or send Russell an email to

If you wish to order online click here to go straight to the product page.

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