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Jubilee Clip Engine Parts Display

2nd Jun | Bespoke Creations

Jubilee Clip Engine Parts DisplayWe recently made a bespoke project for NORMA UK, making plinths for engine parts. The engine parts display their jubilee clips in the company showroom. Customers could view the clips working on the engine parts and can have demonstrations at the trade shows the company attend.

The specification for the bespoke project included:

  • Lockable wheels so that the plinths could easily move around.
  • Lockable storage within the plinth.
  • The turbo (the car part on display) had to be held at the angle that it would be if it were in a vehicle.
  • Long lasting product.
  • Wipe clean.
  • In packaging for transporting.

Mounting Engine Parts An Angle

Acrylic For Car Part Display Exhibition PlinthsIn order for the engine to be mounted on an angle, a 10mm acrylic needed to be bent into shape using a line bender. Holes are then cut through the acrylic corresponding to the points on the turbo. From the image on the left here during manufacture you can see the acrylic base piece is a square. The line-bent support holds the weight of the turbo. The back piece with the screws attached to it, is more of a T state with the top bent over at a 45 degree angle to hold the engine part in place.

Acrylic is usually classed as a lightweight material in terms of display cabinets. Acrylic can be very strong particularly the 10mm acrylic and when the material has been on the line bender. A line bender is a machine which heats it on both sides to allow the shape to be manipulated, the piece can hold the turbo engine in place at the right angle for viewing and demonstrating.

Sometimes, we don’t mount the engine piece to the acrylic. Is can be held in place with acrylic cutout pieces, usually from 30mm acrylic to be used to hold the engine off from the top of the plinth.Engine Parts On Plinths

If you have an in-house design team and you would like to design how these pieces are to be placed then you are more than welcome to do so. Alternatively, we are happy to receive your items to use them in our workshop in order to mount them to plinths if you don’t have designs in mind. It’s common that with customers who want bespoke items like this, that they require photographs during production to give the ‘okay’ as we go along the project.

Storage And Wheels

Even though the plinths for engine parts were for their display the customer also request storage space in their showroom. The plinths have a lockable storage cupboard. These cupboard can have individual keys, or keys which are alike. Individually keyed would mean a different key for each cabinet. Keyed alike, in contrast, is one key for all cabinets.

The plinths have wheels on the bottom. The customer can lock and unlock the wheels from inside. This allows for easy manoeuvring.


This engine piece weighed 30kg, so we removed the engine part from the plinth for transport. Separating the two pieces means that the plinth is not top-heavy. On corners or roundabouts when in transit, it will not top over. This advice is something we recommend to the customer because of the weight of the item on display.

If we ask you to send us your product, we do have a safe and secure, insured business premises in which to keep your products. Sometimes, images and drawings are not enough for us to promise you the precision on which we like to deliver. Having the products with us means we can deliver to that precision that everything will definitely fit together.

If you would like to display engine pieces on plinths we would be more than happy to hear from you. Please call or email us with your request.

Acrylic to mount engine parts

Pictures Of Plinths For Engine Parts

Close Up of the acrylic which has a curve at a 35 degree angle. As well as the look of the finished item we must also consider the strength and quality of the product.

Exhibition Plinths For Engine Parts

Displaying engine part on the plinth. See the acrylic at the bottom and the top holding the engine in place.

Engine Turbo Display Plinth

Volkswagen turbo on the display plinth. This is the piece shown in the close up above, where the 10mm thick acrylic is bent into place to hold the turbo correctly.

Norma Group Showroom Exhibition Plinths

The showroom at Norma Group with the engine parts on display.

Volkswagen Display Plinth Norma Group

This image shows that despite the fact the nuts and bolts look obvious in the close up, from further away they do mix in well with the general engine theme.

Nissan Display Plinth

Nissan Juke Turbo piece from the engine being held with the line bent acrylic.

Volkswagen Display Plinth

Volkswagen Turbo displayed on the plinth in the showroom.


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