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16th May | Mini Plinths

In this blog we will cover the various plinths for perfume that we have manufactured for in the last few months to help you have an idea of what will look great for your products.

In these pictures the perfumes are displayed on plinths as the base, and mini plinths to give some variation in the height to the displays shown.

The options that are available for displaying your perfume include: plinths on their own; displaying the perfume in a glass or an acrylic cabinet; having bespoke holes cut to uplight the perfume and then all of the aforementioned options, with or without the mini plinths.

Plinth Only

Plinth For PerfumeThis image shows the perfume being displayed on a plinth only, using the mini plinths for height variations. With a plinth only it is great if you want your customers to come and touch the items you have on display. If you want them to spray the perfume or take a sample, this is an easy way to display the bottles and the sample cards.

If the plinth only display is going to a retail store and you wish to have a lockable cupboard door on the plinth so that you can store the stock inside this is one good way to keep the stock in the store rather than on sleeves at the back. This is also very useful for at exhibitions where the storage space is limited.

Plinth With Acrylic Hood

As you will see the layout of the plinth is the same, but the purpose is entirely different. If you want to display perfume with an acrylic hood, then you do not want the customers to be able to touch the bottles and sample it themselves. These cases are used to display for viewing only.

The acrylic cases can be free to be easily removed, or secured with security screws so that they can be left unattended if the items are valuable. If you need the case to be screwed down, there will need to be an 18mm rebate in the top of the plinth to be able to make the design work.


Perfume In A Glass Cabinet

plinths for perfume

A glass cabinet with the doors at the back means the perfume can be safely displayed in a locked case. The lighting on stalks can enhance how the bottles look and the choice between the lighting is 3000K or 6000K bulb.

The 6000K light bulbs are a white light and really good for the darker coloured bottles such as the Armani Code, as displayed. The 3000K lights are better for when the perfumes are coloured, for example slightly green, pink or brown in the bottle.



Mini Plinths, Displaying With & Without Them

Acrylic Display CasesAs you can see in most of the above options, I have used mini plinths to create a variation in the height of the products. It does create a better visual, even if there just used to lean products on to help them stand at an angle. All mini plinths are sold in sets of 4 and we have found through dressing many cabinets it does really help to create a stunning visual.

Here is the Marc Jacobs plinths, dressed with and without the mini plinths to show you as a comparative example.

Products still look lovely without the mini plinths it’s entirely up to the company and the products being displayed whether you wish to have them or not.

Lighting Options

plinth for perfume

Lighting is possible on both plinths and in cabinets. This image shows a 100cm long table on 80cm legs. This is quite a low table and is more of a childs display height. The lighting is battery powered and on polished chrome lighting stalks.

The lighting could also come from below, where the top of the table is made from acrylic and the lighting is behind that.

Lastly, the lighting could be shaped around a specific perfume bottle. By measuring the bottom of the bottle and cutting a display plinth to size the light can penetrate through only the bottle, which really changes the appearance.


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