Acrylic Display Case Vs Glass Display Case

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10th Jul | Acrylic Cases

A lot of our customers ask the question “What are the benefits or glass over acrylic” and “what are the benefits of acrylic over glass” Well this really comes down to what use you are going to have for the display cabinets.

Benefits of Acrylic Cases

Lets start off by listing some of the benefits of Acrylic

  • Lightweight
  • Optically clearer than glass
  • Easier to work with to a tight deadline
  • Less likely to smash in to 1000 pieces

As well as the above there are a couple of key questions we would recommend you ask before purchasing an acrylic case.

  1. Is the case UV Bonded or Solvent Welded
  2. Can it be secured onto the plinth


You may well ask what is the importance of these questions, well lets take UV Bonding to start with, if you are looking for a optically clear joint then UV Bonding is the only way, This process involves using specialist equipment that sets special acrylic adhesives when subjected to UV light. There are a number of safety procedures that need to be taken into account when working with UV light, so this is something best left to professionals.  Although this gives the best looking joint it is not the strongest method.

If you are looking for a strong method of joining acrylic then solvent welding is the way forward. This basically melts the two pieces of acrylic together to form a strong almost unbreakable join.  Again the solvents used are dangerous products and should only be used by experienced plastic fabricators.  The drawback of solvent welding acrylic is the join tends to become bubbly, depending on the severity of the effect this is usually due to either stresses within the acrylic or the solvent trying to escape from the joint.


Acrylic has the advantage of being lightweight, but this could mean someone just picks up the cabinet and takes it away with the contents, to help stop this we have a range of acrylic cases that can be secured to the plinth, this not only helps with security, but by adding a rebate to the top of the plinth and an opposing step within the acrylic case the display case sits securely  onto the plinth without being able to be knocked off, by someone brushing past it. Secure location onto a plinth is something that’s a must when purchasing acrylic display cases.


Benefits of Glass Cases

So above we have talked about some of the benefits and questions you need to ask when looking at acrylic, now glass! Glass cabinets are something we have in our hire and purchase range, they tend to give a look of high quality and are really suited to high quality products that need to look treasured.

So the benefits of glass are

  • High Scratch Resistance
  • Looks expensive, adds quality to quality products
  • Heavy, so for end users are better suited to permanent displays
  • Strong optically clear joints

So when it comes to purchasing glass cabinets are there any questions you need to ask! well yes there is!

  1. Am I looking for a clean museum look of UV bonding or aluminium frame work?
  2. Is the glass toughened?
  3. Do I need Low Iron (optiwhite) glass
  4. Does my insurance company require high security Abloy Locks?
  5. Can the Glass cabinet be secured to the plinth or stand?
  6. Is there options for lighting and can I add additional lights if required?

If your not sure what your looking for, maybe you need the answers to all the abovc questions about acrylic and glass cases, then give Ellie a call now to discuss or email Ellie




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  • Great benefits of acrylic and glass benefits you have shared over here. I must say that acrylic cases are popular because of the durability, versatility, and simple maintenance.

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