Sword Glass Display Cabinet

Oxford University

23rd Aug | Bespoke Creations

Glass_Cabinet_For-Sword_Exhibition_PlinthsProject Brief

We were approached by a facilities management group to design and manufacture a sword glass display cabinet. The cabinet was to be presented for a Health and Safety presentation Awards Ceremony.

The sword needed to be mounted inside the cabinet and lit using mains power.

Initial Stages Of Design & Manufacture

As we usually do with a bespoke made product, we asked for the sword to stay with us for the duration of the manufacture. Having the product with us, means we could build the case around it. The way in which the sword was going to be held upright would depend on its weight and measurements. This stage would need to be added to the design later on.

Designs are initially learn on Google Sketchup (as shown right). The customer can approve the sword glass display cabinet from these sketches and be involved throughout manufacture.

Final Decisions

Lighting colour and intensity is something that really cannot be decided until the end of the process.

The sword was to be held in place on the back of the cabinet with a piece of acrylic, which was made specifically to fit around the sword. A jig was made in the shape of the sword so that a clear acrylic holder could balance it from the handle.

The lighting colour and direction needed to be set. With a high resolution camera we are able to send photographs to customers to allow them to choose the finishing touches from their offices, often in London. The options are warm and cool lighting and really does depend on the effect that the customer requires and is most often down to personal choice.

A 3000K gives a more warm and ‘homely’ look, enhances antique and gold items. 6000K lighting gives a fresher and more modern look as it is a cool or daylight white.

Sword Glass Display Cabinet

Left: 3000K Lighting LED Bulbs | Right: 6000K Lighting LED Bulbs

If you have a sword which you would like to have in a display cabinet we would be more than happy to help  you.

Our fully insured premises are a safe place in which to hold your valuables. Pick up the phone to chat to us, or send us an email and we will discuss with you the manufacture of your cabinet.

2 Responses to Sword Glass Display Cabinet

  • Laura Provenzano says:

    What are the DIMS of this display shown?

    • Rich says:

      Hi, the dimensions of this is approx 1100mm high, 300mm wide and 250mm deep, but they can be made to a size that suits your application if required. Please contact us if you require any further help

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